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4pm-4.10pm Welcome

4.10-4.20pm Manilla Stewart


5.30-5.50pm Halfline

5.50-6pm Interlude

6pm-6.15pm Sue O'Brien

6.15-6.30pm Sarah Rauch

6.30-6.45pm Paul Mathieson

6.45-7pm Bryce Perrett

7pm-7.20pm Kiwisong Band

7.20-7.30pm Interlude

7.30-8.30pm Derek Lind

8.30-9.30pm Steve and Ainsley Apirana

9.30-10pm End Session

         Bryce Perrett...Kiwisong

                 Paul Mathieson...Kiwisong

                Sarah Rauch...Kiwisong

 Ben and Campbell...(Halfline) Kiwisong

            Steve and Ainsley Apirana  

The Kiwisong 2013 Festival is a music festival featuring well known Parachute artists Steve and Ainsley Apirana and Derek Lind, along with Kiwisong acts Bryce Perrett, Paul Mathieson, Sarah Rauch, Sue O'Brien, Stella Rollo, the Kiwisong Band and Northland acts.

Kiwisong is a registered charity serving the Northland Community.

The Kiwisong acts are all people that Kiwisong promote as great performers.

Come and dance, sing or relax while listening to our wonderful line up of acts.

Refreshments and snacks, albums etc will be available for sale.

We will have a cool cafe set up on site for you and your friends to enjoy.

Steve Apirana is one of the finest musicians currently working in Australasia. He is a gifted communicator, highly skilled guitarist and vocalist, with an extraordinary sense of humour. Specializing in blues and gospel, he has played alongside Daddy Cool, Split Ends, and Dragon as part of the seventies band Butler, was one of The Velvettes, sixties spoof rock band from Christchurch and has toured solo for more than twenty years in the UK, USA, across Europe and Australasia. Steve captivates audiences in a way that very few can. His honesty, self - depreciating humour and excellent musicianship has audiences totally absorbed. He has released four albums, the latest, This Wretched Man, in November 2011.

Ainsley is mostly known from her performances with Steve but is herself a songwriter. She recorded 12 of her own songs on an album called Autumn in 2001 and has sung with her husband round the world. Her songs are inspirational, reflecting her Scottish roots.

Steve performs at schools, prisons, churches, festivals, pubs and clubs: wherever he is asked. His stories and songs strike a chord in many hearts. Ainsley joins Steve with vocals, rhythm guitar and flutes and together they sing songs you will know and love – from the Beatles to Coldplay – six decades of love songs, traditional songs and original songs.

You can catch snippets of Steve and Ainsley on .

Kiwisong Band

Derek Lind

Derek Lind has played at major arts and music festivals in NZ and has supported international acts such as Sam Philips, Michelle Shocked, Randy Stonehill and the Hot House Flowers.

He has recorded four albums to extensive critical approval and has been awarded Gospel album of the year in the NZ music awards.   

Sue Ward- O'Brien...Kiwisong

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