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Donations to Kiwisong

Kiwisong is a registered charity and is reliant on donations to operate successfully. Thank you for being part of helping dreams for people to come true by donating. The Kiwisong account for general contributions is 02-0492-0106361-000

If you are wanting to contribute specifically to our first ever album of original NZ Artists songs please click on the Album Project tab for the account number. Thank you so much. 

Kiwisong Music Mini School 2020.....Register by contacting Kiwisong (Koha appreciated)

Kiwisong 2020 Music Mini School Format....Saturday 10.10.20

(At Whangarei Baptist Church, 202 Bank St) (SPA)

(Subject to change where necessary)


9.30am-10am… Welcome and Introductions

10am-11am Praise and Worship Impartation

(Bryce Perrett, Paul Mathieson and Team)

11am-11.30am… Morning Break

11.30am-12.15pm Session 1...How to effectively play in a group

(Paul Mathieson)

12.15pm-1.15pm….Lunch Break

1.15pm-2pm Session 2…Basic Performing and Vocal Technique

(Bryce Perrett/Paul Mathieson)

2pm-2.15pm Interlude 1… (Competitions /Fun)

2.15pm-3pm Session 3...Glorious Song Writing (Bryce, Paul and Others)

3pm-3.30pm.…Afternoon Break

3.30pm-4.15pm Session 4…Connecting with God (Bryce Perrett)

4.15pm-4.30pm Interlude 2…(Competitions/Fun)

4.30pm-5.30pm Rehearsal Time/Free Time

5.30pm-6.30pm Dinner Break

6.30pm Staff and Students Concert ... (Bryce and Paul and Team coordinate)